You are pregnant and feeling great! Together with the growth of your baby, your awareness of this new life inside your belly grows. Your body is changing, sometimes emotions are unpredictably, the feeling of insecurities of becoming a mother might come along. In a later stage of your pregnancy, you might feel low energetic and tired. Wouldn’t it be lovely to receive a wonderful massage?! All attention to yourself, being pampered, relaxing in delight! The lovely smell of the massage-oil based on aromatic therapy helps to increase deep relaxation. When totally relaxed, you will notice that you’re able to deal better with your emotions and insecurities. When you are relaxed, so will your baby! A pregnancy massage lasts around 60 minutes. It is a relaxing body massage from top to bottom. Do you suffer from physical discomfort? I will certainly take that into account and maybe it’s even possible to soothe this. If there aren’t any contra indications (extremely high blood pressure, blood-thinning-medication) you’re more than welcome at my practice in Noordwijk. It’s also possible to book a massage at your home!


Pregnancy massage at my practice: € 55,-


Massage at your home: € 65,-


You want more? It’s possible to buy a massage coupan with 3 or 5 massages. Then the price is 10% respectively 15% off. Also nice as a gift voucher to your pregnant friend, girl-friend, wife…….

Tel: 0639505089