Every birth is unique, so are your desires and expectations! We get to know each other and discuss your needs to compose a personal support-package which can be adjusted during the entire support-period! Don’t hesitate to call and schedule an appointment!

New: As you have enough costs concerning the birth of your baby I have deciced to offer a low cost support…. Everyone deserves extra support if needed, the costs shouldn’t retain you from choosing extra support.

I offer this support for  550,- ex.btw

As an indication of my costs, please see the prices below: (including 21% btw)

Prenatal project:(2 a 3 meetings, including birth-plan preparation) € 145,-

Accompaniment visits to gynaecologist/ midwife/hospital: €35,-/visit

Birth support: €375, –

Photo CD with pictures of labour  (including taking of pictures during labour) € 75,-

(extra/individual)prenatal and postpartum-consults:



*always ask your care-provider if the Doula-costs are covered!


Tel: 06 39 50 50 89