After completion of an international, economical study, I worked for different Dutch and International companies for several years. After the births of my children, my passion for pregnancy and birth (re) awakend! In 2010 I followed the Dutch Doula-training in Utrecht. At the same time I got trained in Pregnancy-massage and become a baby massage educator. 

Since June 2011 I am the owner of “All about birth” in which I supported many clients and witnessed many, beautiful births. Always driven to deepen my knowledge I started studying midwifery at the Midwife-adademy in Amsterdami.  In  2016 I also started teaching  for the Dutch Doula-Training in Utrecht.  

Next to Dutch, I speak English and German fluently.

In many home-, as well as hospital-births, I gained lots of experiences in water births, twin-pregnancies/births and  supporting single-mums. 

When supporting my clients I do this with dedication and commitment, I am respectful, feel very responsible and impassioned. 

In many different supplementary trainings I have the chance to update my skills and to immerse myself into the latest scientific findings, I keep track and learn about the latest techniques for massage, acupressure and alternative methods which to offer to my clients during the support period and birth.   

Tel: 06 39 50 50 89