Dear pregnant ladies,

Due to my study at med-school unfortunately I am no longer able to suport all of you in long-term pregnancy and birth support-projects.Please don't hesitate to contact me for shorter projects(last-minute, etc.)which might also meet your needs…



“All about birth” , Pregnancy-, and birthcoach, personal doula support in Noordwijk, the whole Duin,-en Bollenstreek as well as the regions of Leiden, Haarlem, Amsterdam en The Hague.  


Expecting a baby being far away from your family-,and friends network is a tremendous challenge! “All about birth” offers extra support during pregnancy and birth(Doula-support), child birth classes, relaxing pregnancy massages, baby massage classes, and a lot more!

Being pregnant and giving birth is fantastic! But it can also create fear and stress….

“Will I be a good mother, will I be able to handle raising my child in a foreign country, will I be strong enough to handle birth in a country I don’t know,”

Feeling safe and relaxed, talking about fears and sorrows and being heard is essential for expecting parents! “All about birth” offers this personal doula-service to help you feeling comfortable in giving birth in the Netherlands! 


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Tel: 06 39 50 50 89