Dear pregnant ladies,

Due to my study at med-school, unfortunately I had to dissapoint many of you for long-term support projects. Please contact me if you would consider a shorter support- project  (last-minute) which suits you!  


During a pregnancy,-and birth-support-project(doula-support)“All about birth” personally coaches expecting mothers (parents), prepares for labour, discusses expectations, insecurities and fears, gives lots of information on the labour-process, medical and natural pain relief methods, breathing techniques, informs about protocols in hospitals and without any doubt, “All about birth” offers continuous support during the ENTIRE birth!  


Next to personal coaching “All about birth” has more to offer: birth-plan preparation (birth wishes), birth-preparation classes, pregnancy massage, birth information in general, short support projects, post-partum support and baby massage-classes. 

More info:  

Tel: 06 39 50 50 89